10 Things to do when you study abroad at Lund University in Lund, Sweden!

-By Conner Goodrum -Caption: This picture was taken in Kiruna, Sweden, about 90 miles north of the Arctic circle. Standing outside of our cabin you could see the Aurora Borealis, and after a 26 hour train ride, we finally got what we had come to see! What an adventure! -2012 Photo Contest Participant in Host Country & Culture Division -Program: Technical University of Denmark in Lyngby, Denmark -Date: Winter, 2012 -To Learn More: https://mcompass.umich.edu/?go=IPEge3dtu
Photo by: Conner Goodrum
Location: Kiruna, Sweden
  1. Visit Lund University’s botanical gardens!
  2. Explore the university’s historical museum!
  3. See the Aurora Borealis, like UM alum Conner Goodrum! (Photo above) Check out travel options from Lund to Kiruna.
  4. Visit Copenhagen, Denmark! It’s just a one hour train ride from Lund.
  5. Visit Stockholm! See travel options here.
  6. Explore Lund’s rich history, at Kulturen!
  7. Visit the Museum of Sketches!
  8. Ride the rails through Lund’s countryside.
  9. Have fun at the Vattenhallen Science Center!
  10. Take a swim at Högevall

Check out this travel guide for more ways to enjoy Lund, Sweden!