10 Things to Do When You Study Abroad in Madrid, Spain!

Photo by: Darren Cheng

Location: Madrid, Spain

  1. Check out the many museums like Museo Del Prado, Centro de Arte de Reina Sofía, and the National Museum of Science and Technology!
  2. Visit the Royal Palace!
  3. Check out the Puerta Del Sol (“Gate of the Sun”)!
  4. See the beautiful architecture of the Basilica of St. Francisco el Grande!
  5. Stroll down Gran Vía (“Great Way”), where you’ll see even more beautiful architectures as you shop around!
  6. Take a breath in the “lungs of Madrid” when you visit El Retiro Park. While you’re there, visit the nearby Royal Botanical Garden!
  7. Explore the many castles of Spain!
  8. If you’re into theater, Madrid has many opportunities to see a show!
  9. Madrid is a great place to explore food! Visit restaurants throughout the city during your trip!
  10. Of course, what trip is complete without some shopping? Visit the many shops, malls, and more when you have free time!