10 Things to do when you study abroad in Xiamen, China!


Photo credit: Fernando Mezquitai

Location: Xiamen, China

  1. Check out the cool exhibits at the Olympic Museum!
  2. Explore the Xiamen Botanical Garden and Shuzhuang Garden!
  3. Sip some tea in Anxi County!
  4. Hike through the Wuyi Mountains!
  5. Relax on Gulangyu Island! While you’re there, visit the Piano Museum!
  6. Take time to see the South Putuo Temple and the other beautiful temples throughout Xiamen!
  7. Visit the Zhangzhou Zhuchu Puppet Art Gallery!
  8. Go shopping on Zhongshan Road!
  9. Enjoy the scenery by Huandao Road!
  10. When you’re hungry, stop by Taiwan Snack Street and try some new food!