International Programs in Engineering (IPE) Office 

Vision: The University of Michigan is a leader in sending engineers abroad and international experience is a vital component of engineering education. 

Mission: To prepare our graduates for success in the global engineering profession by helping all CoE students gain international experience.

  • Develop programs that meet the specific needs of our students.
  • Prepare students for a safe and successful overseas experience.
  • Make international opportunities available to all students regardless of their background or financial circumstances.

Guiding Values:

  • Appreciation of world cultures and respect for diversity. SpinningGear
  • Commitment to serving the best interest of each student.
  • Concern for the safety and well-being of each student.
  • Pride in our work and professionalism in student advising, program management and collaboration with colleagues.

Learning Goals:  International experience can help students develop:

  • Cultural awareness: appreciation of different cultures; understanding of daily life in another country; ability to analyze complex problems in a global context.  
  • Leadership qualities: independence; self-confidence; resourcefulness; willingness to step outside one’s comfort zone and explore new ideas.
  • Communication skills: open-mindedness; ability to observe new situations and formulate appropriate responses; ability to reflect on intercultural experience and articulate lessons learned.
  • Professional development: travel competence; experience in adapting to new settings and viewing engineering problems from multiple perspectives.

10 Things to Do When You Study Abroad in Madrid, Spain!

Photo by: Darren Cheng

Location: Madrid, Spain

  1. Check out the many museums like Museo Del Prado, Centro de Arte de Reina Sofía, and the National Museum of Science and Technology!
  2. Visit the Royal Palace!
  3. Check out the Puerta Del Sol (“Gate of the Sun”)!
  4. See the beautiful architecture of the Basilica of St. Francisco el Grande!
  5. Stroll down Gran Vía (“Great Way”), where you’ll see even more beautiful architectures as you shop around!
  6. Take a breath in the “lungs of Madrid” when you visit El Retiro Park. While you’re there, visit the nearby Royal Botanical Garden!
  7. Explore the many castles of Spain!
  8. If you’re into theater, Madrid has many opportunities to see a show!
  9. Madrid is a great place to explore food! Visit restaurants throughout the city during your trip!
  10. Of course, what trip is complete without some shopping? Visit the many shops, malls, and more when you have free time!

10 Things to Do When You Study Abroad in Singapore!

Photo by: Ellen Setiawan

Location: Singapore, Singapore

  1. Get to know more about the history and culture of Singapore at the National Museum of Singapore!
  2. Check out all of the art at the National Gallery Singapore!
  3. View the beautiful Gardens by the Bay!
  4. Enjoy even more of the beauty and take a chance to relax at the Singapore Botanic Gardens!
  5. Have fun at the Trick Eye Museum!
  6. You’ll be in Singapore over May 30th for the Dragon Boat Festival! Check out all of the other festivals and events going on while you’re there!
  7. Spend a day at the Science Centre Singapore!
  8. Shop around on Orchard Road!
  9. Gain cultural experiences by visiting different neighborhoods like Little India and Chinatown!
  10. Learn more about Chinese culture, history, and mythology at the Haw Par Villa theme park!

10 Things to Do When You Study Abroad in France!



Photo by: William Valverde

Location: Paris, France

  1. Of course, it’s not a trip to France without visiting the Eiffel Tower! Learn a little bit about its history before you go!
  2. Visit The Louvre and see some of the world’s best art!
  3. Stop by the iconic Shakespeare and Company bookstore!
  4. Check out Château de Versailles!
  5. You won’t find Quasimodo, but you can still enjoy the beauty that is Notre-Dame!
  6. Take some time to see La Rochelle Aquarium!
  7. For the history buffs, spend some time on the beaches of Normandy!
  8. If you’re in Troyes, visit all the museums throughout the city! Be sure to also check out all of the beautiful stained glass and architecture featured in Troyes’ churches and cathedrals.
  9. If you’re in Toulouse, spend some time checking out the museums like Musée des Augustins and Musée Saint-Raymond! Although you’ll be there for more than 36 hours, the New York Times’ “36 Hours in Toulouse” will give you more ideas!
  10. If you’re in Cergy-Pontoise, take a walk to see Axe Majeur or take the weekend to visit Ile de Loisirs de Cergy-Pontoise!

10 Things to do when you study abroad in Xiamen, China!


Photo credit: Fernando Mezquitai

Location: Xiamen, China

  1. Check out the cool exhibits at the Olympic Museum!
  2. Explore the Xiamen Botanical Garden and Shuzhuang Garden!
  3. Sip some tea in Anxi County!
  4. Hike through the Wuyi Mountains!
  5. Relax on Gulangyu Island! While you’re there, visit the Piano Museum!
  6. Take time to see the South Putuo Temple and the other beautiful temples throughout Xiamen!
  7. Visit the Zhangzhou Zhuchu Puppet Art Gallery!
  8. Go shopping on Zhongshan Road!
  9. Enjoy the scenery by Huandao Road!
  10. When you’re hungry, stop by Taiwan Snack Street and try some new food!

10 Things to do when you study abroad at Lund University in Lund, Sweden!

-By Conner Goodrum -Caption: This picture was taken in Kiruna, Sweden, about 90 miles north of the Arctic circle. Standing outside of our cabin you could see the Aurora Borealis, and after a 26 hour train ride, we finally got what we had come to see! What an adventure! -2012 Photo Contest Participant in Host Country & Culture Division -Program: Technical University of Denmark in Lyngby, Denmark -Date: Winter, 2012 -To Learn More: https://mcompass.umich.edu/?go=IPEge3dtu
Photo by: Conner Goodrum
Location: Kiruna, Sweden
  1. Visit Lund University’s botanical gardens!
  2. Explore the university’s historical museum!
  3. See the Aurora Borealis, like UM alum Conner Goodrum! (Photo above) Check out travel options from Lund to Kiruna.
  4. Visit Copenhagen, Denmark! It’s just a one hour train ride from Lund.
  5. Visit Stockholm! See travel options here.
  6. Explore Lund’s rich history, at Kulturen!
  7. Visit the Museum of Sketches!
  8. Ride the rails through Lund’s countryside.
  9. Have fun at the Vattenhallen Science Center!
  10. Take a swim at Högevall

Check out this travel guide for more ways to enjoy Lund, Sweden!

10 Things to do when you study abroad in Shanghai, China!

"Shanghai Skyline" Study Abroad: UM-SJTU Joint Institute Shanghai, China Christopher Ryba Host Country/Culture-2011 International Programs in Engineering
Photo by: Christopher Ryba
Location: Shanghai, China
  1. Check out the Bund! The Bund is the waterfront on the west bank of Huangpu River. You can see sights like the beautiful Pudong skyline pictured above!
  2. Get to know the city at the Shanghai Museum!
  3. Take a ride on the Shanghai Maglev Train!
  4. Shop on Nanjing Road!
  5. Visit the 21st Century Minsheng Art Museum and the China Art Palace!
  6. Embrace the history of Shanghai and check out the Old City Wall!
  7. Catch a movie at the Cathay Theatre!
  8. Have fun at the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum!
  9. Enjoy the beauty of nature at the Shanghai Botanical Garden!
  10. Eat at the revolving restaurant in the Oriental Pearl TV Tower! Enjoy your meal and see the city from the second sphere of China’s second tallest TV and radio tower!

10 Things to Do When You Study Abroad in Hong Kong!

-By Abby Grajek -Caption: To me, inside of the Hong Kong skyscrapers are a blur of neon lights and air conditioning. Advertisements and signage light up the streets and sky. Your eyes can't look in one place for more than 2 seconds before switching to the next attraction. The city is a network of malls, all nearly 20 degrees colder than the outside temperature. Granted, the average temperature is above 80F, it is still amazing how much energy is put into cooling.  -2012 Photo Contest Participant in Host Country & Culture Division -Program: Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (HKUST) in Kowloon, Hong Kong -Date: Fall, 2011 -To Learn More: mcompass.umich.edu/?go=IPEhkust

Photo by: Abby Grajek

Location: Kowloon, Hong Kong

  1. Visit The Peak and enjoy the beauty!
  2. Take a ride on the Star Ferry! See Hong Kong’s best views!
  3. Check out the Hong Kong Museum of History!
  4. Visit the Po Lin Monastery and see the  Tian Tan Buddha!
  5. Play tourist and visit Ocean Park Hong Kong and Disneyland!
  6. Take a stroll through the Temple Street Night Market!
  7. Get a bird’s-eye view from The Hong Kong Observation Wheel!
  8. Enjoy A Symphony of Lights!
  9. Take a day-trip to the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens!
  10. Relax at Repulse Bay!

10 Things to do when you study abroad in Turin, Italy!


Photo by: Paul Ahn

Location: Riomaggiore, Italy

  1. Take a trip to Cinque Terre, pictured above! See travel options here!
  2. Visit Turin’s historic cafés!
  3. Take a weekend trip to Lake Como! It’s only a 4.5 hour train ride!
  4. Visit the National Cinema Museum!
  5. Go try out aperitivo!
  6. Check out all the chocolate!
  7. Visit the Egyptian Museum!
  8. Take an excursion to Rome! Get there in just 4 hours by train!
  9. Get to know Turin as Italy’s royal city. Visit La Venaria Reale and embrace the city’s history!
  10. Visit the Fiat factory!

Rogel Scholars in China for Fall 2015

Sam Pic

This Fall 2015, 6 CoE students were awarded the Rogel China Scholarship for semester study abroad at the UM-Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute in Shanghai, China. Through the generous donation of Richard Rogel, these students received full tuition, housing, excursions, and airfare for their experience. Mr. Rogel is passionate about the value of international experience for College of Engineering undergraduates, particularly participation in programs in China.

The Joint Institute is a unique partnership between the University of Michigan and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, involving the exchange of students in both directions. Each year, a cohort of SJTU students arrive to CoE to enroll in coursework alongside Michigan students, while each Fall and Summer, groups of Michigan students take Engineering and humanities courses in Shanghai.

The current Rogel Scholars are capturing their Shanghai experiences on the IPE Tumblr Blog. Here are some highlights:


“…students have been super generous toward us here. Several students signed up as “buddies,” who give of their time to help us settle in, figure out our courses, etc. Several girls in my dorm have given me different Chinese treats to try, or have invited me to join them for a meal or activity.”

 – Margaret Ehinger, Computer Science Engineering


Margaret Pic 


“As a part of the Rogel Scholarship, I went with my international buddy to his hometown. His hometown is a seaside city called Yantai in the Shandong province of Northern China.”

– Darren Cheng, Mechanical Engineering


Drake Pic


“{This} photo is of the China Art Museum – Shanghai; it is an AMAZING facility. While I was there, I saw many works of Chinese and Western-style art.”

 – Drake Kress, Mechanical Engineering