Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

IPE Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Mission

Because Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are inseparable from IPE’s mission, we challenge ourselves to take deliberate and practical action to create an office environment that is welcoming and inclusive to all members of the College of Engineering community, to recognize and leverage differences, and to help all students see themselves as multicultural technologists who make valuable and long-lasting contributions to the College of Engineering and the world.

IPE’s Continuing DEI Commitments

  • IPE commits to continuing to develop international experiences that allow any student, regardless of background, to participate in meaningful global engagement. IPE commits to continuing to revise our pre-departure preparation and support services for international experiences with an eye to the diverse needs of student travelers in areas such as health and safety, financial access, bias, social identity, and cultural adjustment. IPE commits to combating unconscious bias in our application process by utilizing blind application reviews.    
  • IPE commits to listening to diverse student voices when designing, evaluating, and revising programming and services. 
  • IPE commits to continuing to offer our Passport Day program, which provides financial and logistical support for students to purchase passports, as well as our Free Passport Photo service. 
  • IPE commits to continuing to provide financial support for global experiences in the form of student scholarships, grants, and paid employment opportunities. 
  • IPE commits to continuing to recruit and hire diverse professional and student staff, and providing on-going training and opportunities related to deepening staff understanding of DEI topics and allyhood. IPE commits to continued personal growth by learning and connecting with our colleagues as human beings. IPE commits to aligning HR policies to meet diverse staff needs. 
  • Through showcasing the photos and stories of Engineers abroad in our marketing and social media platforms, IPE commits to displaying the diversity of student identities and experiences abroad. IPE commits to continuing to revise and update our events with an eye to accessibility, equity, and environmental consciousness.

IPE’s DEI Commitments for 2020-21

  • IPE commits to collaborating with existing, and creating new, educational events on topics such as intercultural awareness, student identity, and social justice.  
  • IPE commits to reviewing and modifying the requirements for the International Minor for Engineers with an added focus on social justice. 
  • As part of our annual quality assessment of programming and services, IPE commits to reviewing the DEI policies and values of our program providers around the world to continue to ensure we are partnering with institutions who share our commitment to student inclusion and support as well as CoE technical expertise.