Side Travel Expenses

This section is here to help you budget your trips. While we understand that each trip will last for a different length of time and cost different amounts, it is important to think about how much you’re willing to spend on each trip and try and divide your resources up. If on one trip you spend too much money you know you need to be more frugal on your next trip. Alternately, if you don’t spend a lot on one trip you now have the opportunity to splurge on the next.

Number of Trips you Expect to Takewaterfall

All values below will be multiplied by this number.


Accommodations can very from Couch Surfing and Home-Stays to
Hostels and Hotels. Consider the costs of these different things in your


Consider times you might spend more money on food than usual, such as: at the
airport or train station, in your hotel or hostel, experiencing a new
cuisine, or in a large city. 

Travel Snacks

Remember that you can’t bring everything with you, and your probably won’t go to the supermarket while you’re at your destination. So you may end up buying things each time you want them that you’d normally just have at your residence.


When you travel you are going to be visiting more museums and shows than you normally would in a week, budget for this.

Other Vacation Expenses

Don’t forget extra costs for souvenirs, cab rides and public transportation, and extra cell phone fees.


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