Travel Expenses

This section is applicable to all travel whether it is study abroad, working abroad, volunteering abroad or vacation and it is intended to help you plan the travel logistics of your trip.

Airfare To and From Location

       BUTTON   When should I plan my flight(s)?
                     Bullet  Check with your program advisor. Some programs
                         offer discounts or require students to be on the
                         same flight. Make sure you know when you must
                         be at your destination and plan accordingly.

       BUTTON   Resources for buying plane tickets

       BUTTON   Should I buy my return flight now?
                     Bullet  There is no good answer to this question. The advantages of buying your flight ahead of time are:
                         round trip tickets and tickets purchased well before the date of departure tend to be less expensive, you
                         will have paid ahead of time and you won’t have to worry about taking care of it while abroad. Students 
                         often change their plans after programs and want to stay and travel or extend the work experience, 
                         which is expensive to do if you have already bought a return ticket.


       BUTTON   IPE program participants are required to have a passport which is valid at least 6 months beyond the end
              date of the program.
       BUTTON   Non-US Citizens can select other and important find any passport fees which apply to them if necessary.
       BUTTON   For more information on obtaining a passport and passport fees:
       BUTTON   Note: It takes usually takes 4 to 6 weeks to process passports. If you need it faster, you will need to expedite
              your passport which is more expensive.

For more information on passports, click here.


Visa requirements and cost vary from program to program and country to country. Check with your program for more information.

For more information on visas, click here.

GeoBlue Travel Abroad Insurance

       BUTTON   What is this?
                    Bullet   GeoBlue insurance is available to all UM students, faculty and staff and required for IPE programs. For
                         U-M programs, you are automatically enrolled for GeoBlue insurance for your program dates.
                    Bullet   Students going on IPE Programs should not enroll themselves, and will get more information during
                         pre-departure orientation.
                    Bullet   For more information:
                               Check Box   Visit their website: 
                               Check Box   Contact us: 

       BUTTON   How much is it?
                    Bullet   $5 administration fee
                    Bullet   $1.10 per day for coverage

       BUTTON   What if I want to extend my trip?
                    Bullet   The Expense Calculator calculates GeoBlue Insurance cost based on the number of weeks inputted in the
                         beginning of the form.
                    Bullet   If you would like coverage for a different amount of time than calculated, you may change the number
                         of days you want insurance coverage.
                    Bullet   You must visit to extend your coverage.
                    Bullet   Note: The cost of this insurance is automatically included in your budget.It is strongly encouraged that
                         you use GeoBlue Health Insurance while abroad
                    Bullet   If for some reason you do not plan to use this service, you may change the # of days for insurance to 0.

For more information on GeoBlue insurance, click here.


Check with your doctor before your departure to ensure you have enough supplies of any prescriptions before your departure. Ensure you are up-to-date on any vaccinations and check with your program for more health and safety information.

University of Michigan Health Services’ Overseas Travel Clinic can help assist students with specific international health concerns including vaccinations.

Re-entry fees/Exit fees

Re-entry fees/Exit fees vary from country to country and may be applicable to travel you do while abroad. Budget money for this and check with your program for more information.

Questions or Comments? Please contact your IPE Advisor.