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Welcome to the University of Michigan! We’re so excited to help you get started on your international experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

When can I go abroad?

  • For first year students, the first opportunity to go abroad is the summer after your first year
  • For transfer students, the first opportunity to go abroad is after your first semester
  • The length of international opportunities vary a lot: you can go for as short as one week, to as long as a full academic semester, depending on the experience you choose

Where can I go abroad?

  • IPE supports travel all over the world for study, internships, service, and research
  • Click here to see where IPE has study abroad programs

How much does it cost to go abroad?

  • The cost of an international experience varies, depending on the location and duration of the program.  Program fees for many of our offerings are equal to what you would pay if you studied here in Ann Arbor, and if you choose a semester exchange program, you may pay U-M tuition.
  • In most cases, U-M awarded financial aid may be used toward program costs.  Additional funding is also available, but the key is to start investigating early – have a look at our funding opportunities page for more information.

Will going abroad delay my graduation?

  • As long as you plan ahead, there is no reason studying abroad will delay your graduation. The earlier you start planning with IPE and your academic advisor(s), the easier it becomes to fit an international experience into your academic schedule.

How competitive are IPE programs?

  • We strongly encourage you to apply for your first choice program, paying attention to the minimum eligibility requirements and spending time on your application essays.
  • If you’re concerned about the competitiveness of a particular program, you can speak with an IPE advisor.

Do I need to know another language besides English?

  • No. We partner with technical universities that offer classes taught in English. Many of our summer programs incoporate an introductory language course to help you better navigate the host country and interact with locals.

Is there an option to take my courses abroad in another language? 

  • This is an option with certain programs; meet with an advisor to learn more

How do I get started?