Returned Students (On-Campus Opportunities)

Welcome to Engineers Abroad:

The IPE Returnee Network!

Congratulations on completing an international work, study, research, or volunteer experience abroad!   As an alumnus of an international experience, you know first-hand the value of a global perspective.  Now is your chance to share your knowledge and experience with current University of Michigan College of Engineering students who are considering going abroad, as well as networking with other alumni of international programs.

International Programs in Engineering (IPE) is home to Engineering Abroad Returnee Network (EARN), a network that serves all College of Engineering students who have participated in study, work, research and/or volunteer abroad activities. To join the EARNers program please fill out this form.

We have gathered some resources designed to help you discover ways to incorporate your experience in meaningful and professional ways.  Included here, you will find helpful tools designed to stay engaged with your overseas experience.  Through such activities as volunteering to be a buddy for a new international student, attending workshops to maximize global and intercultural competencies, or creating reflective materials of your time abroad, you will have many resources to help you optimize your global experiences here at the University of Michigan. 

We encourage you to review and utilize the helpful material available through the tiles below.  But first, let’s start off by giving you a quick overview of the many ways to integrate your international experience into your time at UM and beyond:
Quick Tips for Returning Students:
  1. Get Involved
  2. Provide Feedback
  3. Leverage Your Experience
  4. Pay it Forward
  5. Reflect on Your Growth
  6. Stay Connected to Your International Experience

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