Staying Connected to your Global Experience

Studying, working, and traveling abroad can be life changing experiences.  While returning home can be exciting, it can present many challenges as well.  It can be difficult at times to re-acclimate to your host country but there are many ways that you can stay connected to your international experience.  Here are some great ideas:


  • Volunteering for international-themed student organizations on campus.  The Engineers Abroad: IPE Alumni Network and the International Buddy Program are great ways to share your experiences, help recruit perspective students to go abroad and aid international students at the University of Michigan College of Engineering.

Submit your Videos and Photos into the IPE Photo Contest!

  • Submitting your photos and videos abroad into our IPE Photo Contest is a fun way to share your experiences with the entire University of Michigan College of Engineering community.  Your photos may even be used by the IPE office to help encourage other students to consider going abroad.

Create a Webpage, Blog, Journal, or Scrapbook:

  • Documenting your time abroad is a great way to capture your memories and preserve them for years to come.  Try to document your experiences as soon as you can following your return while your memories and feelings are still fresh.

Plan a Reunion:

  • Planning regular get together meetings with other students who went on the global experience with you is another way to keep connected to your international experience. With the help of technology and social media it has become even easier to keep connected with your friends abroad.