2011 Photo & Video Contest Results

The International Programs in Engineering office is pleased to announce the results of the 2011 IPE Photo Contest.  Approximately 98 photos and 3 videos were entered by CoE students who studied, worked, and volunteered all over the world.

Entries were divided into 3 categories:

  • Wolverines Abroad: Photographs submitted to this category feature UM Engineering students abroad.
  • Host Country/Culture: Photographs submitted to this category capture the culture, landscape, architecture and/or people of the host country.
  • Videos

Complete display of the winning photos and videos (including large-sized images) available on the IPE Facebook Page and IPE YouTube Page.

  • Click here to view all of the videos with descriptions on the IPE YouTube page.




“Mt. Nagaruhoe Summit”
Program: Solar Car
Location: Tongariro National Park, New Zealand
Photo submitted by: Cole Witte

After racing in the Veolia World Solar Challenge in Australia, we traveled to New Zealand to tour the country. The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is a 19km track that cuts through the heart of Tongariro National Park. We set out early, reaching the trailhead at 7am and set out over the pass. About 3 hours in we took a side track up to the summit of Mt. Nagaruhoe. It took almost two hours to climb up the loose rubble that covered the volcano (from an eruption in the 70’s) but from the summit, the view of Mt. Tongariro and the surrounding region was stunning. (Mt. Nagaruhoe may be better known as Mt. Doom from the Lord of the Rings trilogy.)


Caroline_Thompson_WolverinesAbroad_Tiger-Petting-Thailand.JPG “Tiger Petting”
Program: Study Abroad – HKUST
Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Photo submitted by: Caroline Thompson
Petting a fully grown tiger in Thailand!


 AnnaWeiss_WolverinesAbroad_Cliff-Jumping.jpg “Cliff Jumping”
Program: Study Abroad- College Year in Athens
Location: Cliffs of Moher, Ireland
Photo submitted by: Anna Weiss
The Cliffs of Moher in County Clare, Ireland are a designated UNESCO Geological Park, a Special Protection Area for Birds under the EU Birds Directive and a nominee for the New Seven Wonders of the World. There are numerous initiatives to maintain The Cliffs through Ecotourism.




WajihaIbrahim_HostCountryCulture_The-Power-of-Hope-and-Unity.JPG “The Power of Hope and Unity”
Program: Study Abroad- GIEU
Location: Lusaka, Zambia
Photo submitted by: Wajiha Ibrahim
While visiting school in Lusaka, Zambia I was surprised by how calmly the people of Zambia accepted death. Students at this school were used to hearing that another one of their teachers died. Many students at this school were orphans whose parents had been taken by the HIV/Aids virus. Consequently, the students were familiar with the virus and were a source of support for each other. It was touching to see an older student immediately take charge of the younger one’s lesson for the day after hearing that their instructor had just lost the battle with HIV and passed away.


BrunnoMoretti_HostCountryCulture_Frozen-in-Time.jpg “Frozen in Time”
Program: Work Abroad
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Photo submitted by: Brunno Moretti
While at a work trip to Brazil, I was able to escape to Paraty, Rio de Janeiro for the day and get this shot of this beautiful town.


PatriciaMcCormick_HostCountryCulture_Adoration-at-Buddhist-Temple.JPG “Adoration at Buddhist Temple”
Program: REU China
Location: Ayutthaya, Thailand
Photo submitted by: Patricia McCormick
Various Buddha statues at ancient temple in Ayutthaya, Thailand.


EricHung_Host-CountryCulture_Prague-Castle.jpeg “Prague Castle”
Program: Study Abroad- TU Berlin
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Photo Submitted by: Eric Hung
Prague Castle



“I Love Shanghai”
Program: Study Abroad UM-SJTU Joint Institute
Location: Shanghai, China
Submitted by: Christopher Ryba
During a scavenger hunt, our group had to find strangers who could teach us how to say “I love Shanghai” in their native tongue. In return, we taught them how to say the same phrase in Shanghainese.


“Near Death Experience”
Program: Study Abroad – Barcelona
Location: Pamplona, Spain
Submitted by: Brian Miller
On my hands and knees in front of the door where they release the bulls into the arena after the Running of the Bulls. Usually the bull jumps over the people huddled in front of the door. Usually…


“IPE Study Abroad through the University of Michigan”
Program: Study Abroad- University of Manchester
Location: Manchester, England
Submitted by: Michael Gleba
This is my outreach video to encourage other engineers (specifically engineers in fraternities or sororities) to study abroad.  It talks about travel, academic, everyday life, and more.


“Cusco, Peru””
Program: Study Abroad- ISA Lima, Peru
Location: Cusco, Peru
Submitted by: Alison Davis
“Marina Bay Sands”
Program: Work Abroad- Independent Research
Location: Singapore
Submitted by: Andrew Hao-Jie Foo
AnnaWeiss_HostCountryCulture_Planes-over-Pisa.JPG“Planes over Pisa”
Program: Study Abroad- College Year in Athens
Location: Pisa, Italy
Submitted by: Anna Weiss
“Dragon’s Backbone Rice Terraces”
Program: Study Abroad- HKUST
Location: Longsheng, China
Submitted by: Caroline Thompson
“Zhujiajiao Fortune Teller”
Program: Study Abroad- UM SJTU Joint Institute
Location: Zhujiajiao, China
Submitted by: Christopher Ryba
DavidHuston_HostCountryCulture_Jaguar-Hunt.jpg“Jaguar Hunt”
Program: Study Abroad- GIEU
Location:  Brazil
Submitted by: David Huston
Program: Study Abroad- TU Berlin
Location: Vienna, Austria
Submitted by: Eric Hung
“Arrival at Auschwitz II”
Program: Study Abroad- UTT Summer
Location: Oswiecim, Poland
Submitted by: Gina McGauley
GinaMcGauley_HostCountryCulture_Rustic-Overlook.jpg“Rustic Overlook”
Program: Study Abroad- UTT Summer
Location: Cappadocia, Turkey
Submitted by: Gina McGauley
SitaSyal_HostCountryCulture_Peaking-through-the-Gate.jpg“Peaking through the Gate”
Program: Work Abroad
Location: Guatemala
Submitted by: Sita Syal
“Crocodile Reflection”
Program: Study Abroad- UNSW Summer
Location: Sydney, Australia
Submitted by: Spencer Scolnick
“Leaning Tower”
Program: Study Abroad- College Year in Athens
Location: Pisa, Italy
Submitted by: Anna Weiss
BrianMiller_WolverinesAbroad_Running-of-the-Bulls.jpg“Running of the Bulls”
Program: Study Abroad- Barcelona
Location: Pamplona, Spain
Submitted by: Brian Miller
ChrisRyba_WolverinesAbroad_Teaching-English.JPG“Teaching English”
Program: Study Abroad- UM SJTU Joint Institute
Location: Shanghai, China
Submitted by: Christopher Ryba
“Swan Dive”
Program: UNSW- Summer
Location: Cairns, Australia
Submitted by: Megan Egbert
NathanielSkinner_WolverinesAbroad_Its-not-all-hard-work....JPG“It’s not all hard work…”
Program: M-HEAL
Location: Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
Submitted by: Nathaniel Skinner

“Heidelberg Castle”
Program: Work Abroad
Location: Heidelberg, Germany
Submitted by: Sarah Brown

“Heisman Trophy Winner”
Program: BLUElab
Location: Guatemala
Submitted by: Sita Syal
“3, No, 12 Wolverines”
Program: Study Abroad – TU Berlin
Location: Berlin, Germany
Submitted by: Theresa Wilson


Thank you to our judges!

Melissa Cooper, Student Academic Success Coordinator

Catie Lenaway, EECS Undergraduate Student Services Coordinator

Catherine Lund, Employer Recruiting Coordinator

Linda Peterson, Senior Administrative Assistant to the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education

Jeni Olney, Academic Advisor/Counselor

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