Health and Safety

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CoE will comply with the University’s directive to suspend all U-M education abroad programs for Winter 2020 and Summer 2020. 

Please also see the University’s Coronavirus communication page for reference.


The health and safety of our travelers is the number one priority for the University of Michigan. The International Programs in Engineering office partners with the university to vet and monitor program locations in order to mitigate risk for our travelers, as well as respond to any emergencies that may arise. 

We invite you to explore our student health and safety information page for a list of our support services, including international health insurance, travel registration, and emergency contact procedures. In addition, IPE provides students with a robust student pre-departure guide, which includes health and safety resources to empower students to prepare responsibly for their health and well-being while abroad. Students are encouraged to self-disclose any health conditions or concerns they may have so that the IPE office can best support them in developing a self-care plan for their international experience. 

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