IPE Advising Philosophy

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IPE Advising Policy

The International Programs in Engineering office is committed to empowering and supporting College of Engineering students before, during, and after their international experiences. We believe a large part of what makes international experience so valuable is the independence and sense of responsibility that college students can develop throughout the process, even as early as when they’re searching for opportunities.  

Our advisors are available to provide support and resources to students throughout their experience, and in return, we expect our students to take responsibility for their own international experience; this includes partnering with our advisors when researching options, honoring their commitments, adhering to program guidelines and requirements, and bringing any questions or concerns to the attention of our office.

Your role in your student’s development cannot be underestimated, and we ask for your assistance in empowering your student to take charge of his or her international experience. Your go-to resource for any questions or concerns related to your student’s international experience should first and foremost be your student: students receive a wealth of resources and information during the pre-departure stage of their experience; ask him or her to share these resources with you, and empower them to ask us any questions or bring forth any concerns that may arise during the process. 

As an office of the University of Michigan, IPE protects the privacy of student records, as per the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA); while we are happy to discuss general information regarding our services and programming with parents and family, we may not disclose details related to specific students without the student’s written consent, except in the event of an emergency. For this reason, we encourage you to establish solid lines of communication with your student so that he or she can keep you informed of important information related to their travel. In turn, IPE encourages our students to share program information, including important contact numbers and communication plans with you, especially during the first days for their travel.