Amy Tseng

IPE Peer Advisor

Major: Computer Science

Minor: Multidisciplinary Design

International ExperienceInternational Courses at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in Kowloon, Hong Kong - Summer 2016

Why did you choose to study abroad when/where you did?

I chose to study abroad in Hong Kong because I wanted to push myself to explore a place outside my comfort zone, and I figured traveling to the opposite side of the globe would do just that. The food was just a bonus :)

What was one of the most memorable experiences from your time abroad?

My most memorable experience abroad was being able to plan an independent trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand with four other students. We explored temples, bathed with elephants, and rafted down rivers! Because Hong Kong is a major traveling hub, it was easy to make trips out to different southeast Asian countries.

What was one of the biggest surprises about the location, culture or other aspects of your program?

One of the biggest surprises I found while in Hong Kong was just how common it was to run into fellow wolverines even being half-way across the world!

How do the skills and experience you gained abroad set you apart as a professional engineer?

After studying abroad, I became more accepting of the unknown. I am able to adapt to different environments with an open mind and learn from struggles I face.

What advice would you like to give to a student interested in an international experience?

Make the most of your time abroad. U of M and IPE provide such a unique and well-planned international experiences that all engineers should take advantage of these opportunities. Push your limits, learn from your struggles, and enjoy every minute!

How did your time abroad impact your graduation timeline?

If anything, studying abroad put me further ahead on my graduation timeline by allowing me to take courses over the summer while also giving me an amazing international experience.