Jason Ji

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Turin, Italy

How did you find your internship?

Referral from a friend

Internship Description:

Working on Industry 4.0 concepts and with the Center of Research to optimize lightweight material joining welding technologies.

Skills Demonstration:

Utilized Design of Experiments and Analysis of Variance principles to develop and implement experimental plans for Al/Steel joints, resulting in total joint weight reduction of 75% Designed constrained optimization function to minimize variations among operations and inputs at manufacturing workplaces, reducing average automobile lead time by 700%.

Skills Gained:

I am now able to apply my engineering skills in the context of different cultures and overcome barriers that come with working in a country with a different culture and language than America.

Advice for Engineering Students:

Take the opportunity to intern abroad. The professional experience is only matched by the opportunity to immerse yourself in the work environment of an entirely new culture and being able to explore different cities throughout Europe.

Memorable Moment/Challenging Situation:

I was assigned to complete a portion of my project with a Master's student at Politecnico Torino who struggled with speaking and understanding English. Given this barrier, we worked together to find a solution to be able to communicate with each other. We agreed that the best and most efficient solution was to use Google Translate to best communicate with each other.

Best Part of Your Experience:

Having an enriching internship experience while experiencing Italian culture and exploring cities in Europe.

Photo Title & Location:

Peak Performance (The Alps)

Photo Caption:

Taking a hike for a weekend trip during my FCA internship.

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