Muhammad Kidwai

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Turin, Italy

How did you find your internship?


Internship Description:

Worked for World Class Manufacturing using Industry 4.0 tools to develop manufacturing practices for new digital manufacturing. My project, specifically, was distributed in two parts. First was to work on a Predictive Maintenance program, which is a condition maintenance program with the ability to predict failures before they happen. The second part of my project was to provide support to the digital manufacturing organization as they worked on implementing Industry 4.0 strategies and pillars on FCA's manufacturing.

Skills Demonstration:

• Created machine learning algorithms for a line of the Maserati Levante to introduce a Predictive Maintenance program to eliminate losses pertaining to MTBF, MTTR, and un-expected breakdowns in order to increase the MTBF by 30%

•Formulated internal machine learning and data analytics methodology to improve OEE and OLE by creating co-relations between equipment and product data. These relations were then monitored to maintain desirable conditions

Skills Gained:

Having worked in Italy sets me apart as I go to work in a place that is very different, where the working environment is very different to that of the US.

Advice for Engineering Students:

Definitely do substantial research on the type of place they are going to. What the working environment is like, what sort of preparation needs to be done in order to operate efficiently.

Memorable Moment/Challenging Situation:

I had to present in a company wide audit with some of global leaders of the company in attendance. I dealt with this challenge by working with my colleagues and my bosses to make sure I was on the right path and take their experience to help me do my best.

Best Part of Your Experience:

I got to go to a different place in Europe every weekend.

Photo Title & Location:

Cote'd Azur (Juan Le Pins, France)

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