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“The best engineers are able to work in diverse teams. One in four of our undergraduates have a meaningful international experience. We need to increase that. If you give a student opportunities, the sky is the limit for them.” 

 – Dr. Alec Gallimore, Robert J. Vlasic Dean of Engineering


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Michigan Engineering Empowers Students To Make A Difference in the World.

Congratulations! You have decided to join the 600+ College of Engineering students every year who embark on an experience abroad. This important decision will help you gain valuable life experience and prepare for the challenges of today’s global workplace. The International Programs in Engineering (IPE) office can assist you with choosing the right international experience to meet your goals, as well as assistance with study abroad applications, overseas course approvals, and pre-departure planning. We also correspond with College of Engineering students while they are overseas and plan re-entry workshops for their return to Ann Arbor.

Having an international experience as a college student can be demanding, exciting and often surprising. Returning students agree that the experience offers a broader perspective on the engineering field and a deeper understanding of the world. We’re so excited to work with you!


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