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Study Abroad for Engineers

Students select the University of Michigan for its world-class engineering programs, top faculty and excellent facilities. Why would we encourage students to move beyond our classrooms and gain international experience? Quite simply, study abroad is a unique experience that cannot be replicated here in Ann Arbor. Study abroad provides first-hand knowledge of other cultures, prepares students to negotiate differences and to understand engineering problems from a new perspective. These factors are critical to engineering career preparation. We want our graduates to be competent and comfortable business travelers who can readily adapt to new situations and successfully interact with colleagues from around the world.


IPEIPE Programs

The College of Engineering (CoE) partners with leading technical universities around the world to organize study abroad programs for our students. Our goal is to offer an authentic student experience in the host country. Michigan engineers take classes with their local counterparts and stay in accommodations that are typical for local students. We believe that these arrangements provide maximum opportunities for cultural immersion–learning from local faculty and experiencing daily life at the host university.

Each partnership is reviewed by a faculty committee and offers courses that may be pre-approved for CoE credit. In addition to CoE partner universities, CoE students are eligible to study abroad through the Global Engineering Education Exchange (GE3). For students who cannot find a suitable program through CoE partners or the GE3, the IPE office also offers a limited number of affiliated study abroad options. Students who participate in IPE programs remain officially enrolled in the CoE. Partnership programs and GE3 exchanges are based on UM tuition and fees, while affiliated programs require students to pay tuition directly to the host institution. The IPE office coordinates advising, applications and credit transfer for all IPE programs. Find an IPE program.


CGISCenter for Global and Intercultural Study (LSA and GIEU Programs)

The Center for Global and Intercultural Study (CGIS) on Central Campus houses LSA study abroad programs and the Global Intercultural Experience for Undergraduates (GIEU).

CGIS programs are open to all UM students, though many of their offerings are geared towards LSA requirements.  CGIS is a good choice for engineering students wishing to fulfill their humanities/social science requirements while abroad. Students who participate in CGIS programs remain officially enrolled in the CoE and pay UM tuition and fees (some exceptions may apply). Engineering students who select CGIS programs will work directly with CGIS staff for advising, applications and credit transfer; however, they should also contact the IPE office for additional engineering-specific information.  Find a CGIS program.

The Global Intercultural Experience for Undergraduates (GIEU) at the University of Michigan funds global educational projects that expand learning beyond traditional classroom boundaries, creating new opportunities for short-term (3 or 4 week) intercultural study of a global nature at field sites. Since its inception in 2002, GIEU has sent groups of 12-15 undergraduates (GIEU Student Scholars) and faculty members (GIEU Teaching Fellows) to exciting locations in the U.S. and around the world. The program enables undergraduates and faculty to learn in rich cultural environments, while gaining a greater understanding of global situations and processes.  Learn more about GIEU.


NonUMBeyond UM (Non-UM & Independent Programs)

Engineering students may also participate in programs managed by organizations outside of the University of Michigan. The sponsoring organization or institute coordinates advising, applications and pre-departure information. The College of Engineering can provide assistance with credit transfer. Please note that students participating in non-UM programs will not be enrolled at UM and will not have access to services and resources for UM students during their time abroad. Find a Non-UM program.