Planning Checklist

Planning Checklist (for IPE Study Abroad Programs) Ireland Pic

This checklist can assist you in your study abroad planning. Remember, early planning gives you more program options.

F:S Year

       Check Box    Apply for a passport. Make sure your
               passport is current. (Note: passports
               issued before the age of 16 may not be valid
               for use as an adult).

       Check Box    Meet with a student peer advisor – walk-in peer
               advising is located in the International Programs in
               Engineering Office (IPE), 245 Chrysler Center.

       Check Box    Meet with an Academic Advisor in the Engineering Advising Center (EAC) or your home
               department to review your long-term course plans and identify suitable semesters for study
               abroad.  If you have an idea of what your major will be, it is best to speak with the department
               Program Advisor about timing and course options in study abroad.

       Check Box    Browse the web for potential: 

                              Check Box   U-M Programs                              Check Box   Beyond U-M Programs
                              Check Box   Co-Curricular Travel                    Check Box   Work Abroad

12 Months

       Check Box    Meet with your departmental Program Advisor to discuss study abroad guidelines and course  
               selections that are specific to your major.

       Check Box    Discuss study abroad intentions with family.

       Check Box    Select country and institution. Meet with a peer advisor for assistance in finding a program that
               meets your needs. Refer to IPE Walk-In Advising Hours

       Check Box    Plan finances – Put together an estimated budget. Determine what funding options are available
               to you and make note of deadlines.

       Check Box    Browse the IPE Funding page and apply for external funding.

4-6 Months

       Check Box    Submit application online (all supplemental materials to IPE office)

       Check Box    Begin the Course Approval process. Refer to IPE Course Approval Information Page

       Check Box    Meet with Financial Aid advisor. Refer to Office of Financial Aid Contact Information

2-3 Months

       Check Box    Apply for housing.

       Check Box    Depending on the program, apply for a visa.  

       Check Box    Attend IPE Pre-Departure orientation.

       Check Box    Obtain course approval report from the IPE office and meet with Department Program Advisors
               for final approval.

       Check Box    Make travel arrangements.

1 Month

       Check Box    Review Pre-Departure Guide for IPE programs.

       Check Box    IPE registers U.S. citizens in the U.S. State Department Smart Traveler Program. Non-U.S. citizens should research their country’s equivalent resource, or register their own travel with th U.S. State Department. 

Sem Abroad

      Check Box    Email IPE office with final list of courses.

      Check Box    Update your local (host country) address by logging in to M-Compass.

      Check Box    Watch for emails from IPE.

      Check Box    Maintain regular contact with family members.

      Check Box    Request official transcript to be sent to IPE office.

      Check Box    Register for next U-M semester.

Return Sem

      Check Box    Attend Welcome Back event(s) sponsored by IPE

      Check Box    Share your experience with others! Refer to the IPE Alumni Network webpage for a list of ways to get involved.