Telling Your Story

Michigan Engineers do amazing things abroad.  Every Michigan Engineer will have an experience abroad that is unique and powerful in its own way: what will be your story?

We encourage all students to share stories about your travel adventures, professional development, host culture, and engineering around the world through social media.  Here are some ways this can benefit you and your UofM community:



The University of Michigan and the College of Engineering are leaders on a global scale, especially when it comes to making an impact around the world.  Sharing your experiences can help strengthen the reputation of the college and the university world-wide.


While you’re away, your community at home will be curious to know what you’re up to.  Social media is a great way to keep your friends and family in the loop.


Other Michigan engineers may not have considered an international experience.  Sharing your story can help make the idea of studying, working, researching, or volunteering abroad a tangible and exciting prospect for other students.


The College of Engineering strongly believes that international experiences belong on your resume and LinkedIn profile; but what will that look like?  How will you speak about your international experience in a job interview?  Keeping a blog can help you to collect anecdotes and examples that will be useful after you return to help to identify the key competencies you’ve developed, and provide you with specific stories that can be used in job interviews to demonstrate how you’ve used these competencies in action.


There are many things that happen abroad that will excite, confuse, and challenge you.  Recording such experiences can help you to further engage in your experience and critically analyze how and why you felt the way you did in a given situation.


You may be traveling to a location that others may not know much about.  Blogging is a chance to introduce your community to a host country and culture that they may not know anything about.




Exercise your bragging rights!  Share your projects/what you’re learning with the CoE and UofM community – faculty, advisers, and fellow students: you won’t find a more captive audience.


Your time abroad will pass by faster than you can imagine, and while we’re in the moment we may feel that these are experiences we’ll never forget, it’s helpful to utilize social media to capture experiences as they happen, because before you know it, it’s over.  Having a blog can serve as a great reminder of what you did, and how you felt during your time abroad.