IPE Social Media Guidelines

As you share your story, remember that you are representing yourself, the College of Engineering, and the University of Michigan in a public forum.  A good rule of thumb to follow is not to say anything on social media that you wouldn’t say behind a podium.  Be mindful of different cultural interpretations and how others might react to your posts.  Remember, we want to showcase Michigan Engineers as Leaders and the Best in collaborative and engaged activities around the globe.

What Should You Share?

  • The “hands on” stuff
  • Cultural interactions
  • Candid moments
  • Examples of collaboration
  • Fieldwork
  • A cool lab or facility

What Not to Share?

  • Illegal or highly inappropriate activities (remember your audience)
  • Negative comments about your hosts, fellow travelers, or staff/faculty members
  • What you had for lunch (unless it’s really cool and unique)
  • The weather
  • Random animals
  • Funny looking cars

Above all, we want to see you, so ask a friend to take a pic or snap a candid selfie.  If you can sneak in some Maize & Blue or a Block M … bonus!

Here are some ways you can utilize Social Media to share your experiences abroad with others in the University of Michigan community and the International Programs in Engineering office.

Rule #1: No matter where you post, use the hashtag #UmichEnginAbroad


  • Like us on Facebook!
  • Tag us in photos and share your comments!
  • Send photos to ipe-office@umich.edu and we will post them to our page.
  • Share IPE Facebook content to your own page to help us spread the word about international experiences.



  • Use #UmichEnginAbroad

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