Travel Health Insurance

GeoBlue Travel Health Insurance – U-M Plan

The University of Michigan designed this medical plan specifically for international travel. Coverage is only $1.10/day plus a $5 registration fee. The plan is open to ALL students (including students pursuing non-UM programs or independent activities). Coverage is required for IPE programs and participants are automatically registered in this plan.  IPE strongly recommends that Individual students extend their coverage for pre- or post- program travel.

Details about plan coverage, eligibility or assistance with claims:
University Health Service Travel Abroad Insurance Office:

To purchase additional coverage for travel before or after your IPE program:

  • Go to the GeoBlue web-site:
  • Make sure you are NOT logged in. If your name is displayed in the upper right hand corner of the screen, then click on “(not you)” to log out
  • On the right hand navigation page, click on “Enroll”
  • Click on the University of Michigan radio button
  • On the “Authentication Successful” page, choose the link that corresponds to the type of extended travel. This will either be Educational Activities Abroad (i.e. internship or volunteering beyond study abroad) or Personal/Leisure Travel
  • Read agreement and click on “Agree”
  • Click “New” then click “Next” and fill out required fields on enrollment form (Note: Home country should always be United States, even if you are an international student)
  • For the valid from/valid to dates, enter those dates that are being added, but do not include dates you are already covered for your IPE program (i.e. if your GeoBlue coverage dates for your IPE program are 5/1/15 thru 6/1/15 and you’re traveling afterword from 6/2/15 thru 6/10/15, then your “valid from” date will be 6/2/15 and your “valid to” date will be 6/10/15)

Students can pay for the extended coverage on a credit card.

Highlights of GeoBlue Coverage

  • GeoBlue will pay “up-front” for most medical treatment, eliminating the need to pay out-of-pocket or file claims for reimbursement
  • Coverage includes payment for treatment of mental and nervous disorders including drug or alcohol abuse
  • Coverage includes most outpatient prescription drugs
  • Pre-existing conditions are not excluded
  • Coverage is valid for your entire time abroad, whether in your host country or traveling elsewhere outside the U.S.
  • Coverage includes payment for emergency medical evacuation as well as expenses (up to $1,500) for a bedside visit by a family member if you are hospitalized overseas