ELIGIBLE CLASS STANDING: Winter: Sophomore, Junior, Senior
Summer: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior

TERMS OFFERED:  Winter, Summer

PROGRAM DATES: Winter: January – May | 5 months
Spring Session: May-June | 6 weeks
Summer Session: June-July | 6 weeks 

Summer: Early February 


The Universidad de Navarra is ranked as the best private university in Spain (El Mundo, Ranking de Mejores Universidades Españolas). The college of engineering, Tecnun, aims to contribute to the professional, scientific and human education of prospective engineers. Spend a semester in San Sebastian, a stunning seaside town known for its beaches and its excellent cuisine.

Summer Program Overview: This program combines the study of Spanish language, culture, and industry with a choice of interdisciplinary engineering courses. Students will spend time in San Sebastian and Pamplona and gain unique insight into Spanish engineering. 


Winter Courses
• Engineering, math, social sciences, and humanities courses

* Most courses are taught in Spanish. Some courses are taught partially in Spanish and partially in English, and a select few are offered entirely in English

Summer Courses

  • 100 level ANTHCUL: Spanish Language, Culture, and Industry(3 credits)
  • 200-level ENGR course (1 credit)
    • Courses may include:
      • ENGR 260:Engineering Across Cultures
      • Intro to Product Design and Development
      • INtro to Microrobotics
      • Renewable Energy and Efficiency