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Overseas experience can enhance your future job prospects, provide exposure to foreign business environments and help you understand global trends in the engineering profession. Whether it’s an internship with a multinational corporation or a research position in a foreign laboratory, overseas employment presents unique opportunities for professional development.

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Like any job search, arranging overseas employment requires preparation. As an engineering student, you have several options for beginning your search. Take advantage of campus resources:

  • Engineering Career Resource Center to polish your resume and search 
  • Engineering Careers to check current international postings
  • Connect with CoE faculty and ask about potential international connections
  • Talk with international students about the job markets in their home countries
  • Use this website as a resource for your work abroad

This Experience Abroad Checklist  and Budget Worksheet Template should assist you with thinking through the necessary steps with planning your international experience.


Student International Internship Experiences Summer 2018

Abhishek Kottamasu

Ernst and Young

Manila, Philippines

Avia Matossian

Instrument Works

Sydney, Australia

Claire Foley

Daimler AG

Sindelfingen, Germany

Cross H Pagano

Pai Kane Group

Goa, India

Dipanjan Goon

Mahindra First Choice Wheels Limited

Bengaluru, India

Edmond Wa Tsoi

UMACT / New Path Consulting

Toronto, Canada

Heena Saakshi Singh

Sun Mobility

Bangalore, India

Ian Robinson

Central Glass

Kawasaki, Japan

Isaac Dabkowski

Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute (SNERDI)

Shanghai, China

Jerry Liu

Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design

Shanghai, China

Jocelyn Marchyok

Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute (SNERDI)

Shanghai, China

Joseph Komperda

University of Iceland, Háskóli Íslands

Reykjavík, Iceland

Julia Stuart

Foundation in Ecological Security

Udaipur, India

Madeline Devore

Infosys Ltd

Bangalore, India

Michelle Chen

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Turin, Italy

Natalia Madrigal Martinez

Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Development Institute

Shanghai, China

Internship photo

Nicholas Miller


Berlin, Germany

Prerana Bellare Shenoy

Mahindra First Choice Wheels

Bangalore, India

Sangam V Munsiff


Hong Kong

Sarah Redman

Cultural Vistas

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Tommy Wong

Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Design and Research Institute (SNERDI)

Shanghai, China