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Department Sponsored Travel Support

The CoE places a high value on international experiences for our students. The College recognizes that department-sponsored international travel initiatives are one of the valuable ways our students gain experience abroad. The health, safety, and security of students engaged in international experiences is important to us all. The University has articulated specific international travel guidelines as found in SPG 601.31 as a means to support international engagement in a responsible manner. IPE has established the following services to support CoE departments who sponsor international travel for students and to help facilitate compliance with U-M policies.

What is Department Sponsored Travel?

Department Sponsored Travel is defined by meeting AT LEAST ONE of the following criteria:

  • Travel that is managed or organized by a U-M Faculty or Staff member.
    • “Managed or Organized” means that a U-M faculty staff member is involved in:
      • creating or approving the experience,
      • coordinating the applications and selection of participants.
  • Travel for which the participant receives funding from a U-M unit or receives funds managed by the U-M for their travel costs.
  • Travel that is part of a sponsored event or sanctioned by a U-M unit.
  • Travel that is required for the participant to achieve a degree requirement. This could include experiences such as degree milestones, dissertation field research, practical, internships, etc.

*If you or your unit has Department Sponsored student international travel, the SPG outlines unit responsibilities to be in compliance with the U-M policies. IPE is here to help!

Thinking of Sending Students Abroad? Here is IPE’s Preferred Timeline

1 Year Prior to Travel Develop the Idea/Determine the Process and Timeline: Connect with IPE
6-12 Months Prior to Travel Program Development
6 Months Prior to Travel Secure/Finalize Program Details/Logistics, Costs, Etc.
4 Months Prior to Travel Marketing/Promotion/Application Collection
2 Months Prior to Travel Review and Select Students
1 Month Prior to Travel Travel Registration, Orientation, Insurance/STEP Enrollment, Finalized List of Travelers
On-Site Experience
Post-Experience Re-Entry Support

Overview of IPE Support Services & Department Responsibilities

IPE Department Services : 



Travel Preparation

STEP Registration Enroll participants in US State Dept Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) Recommended
Pre-Departure Orientation Inform participants of general pre-departure resources available (not site-specific) Recommended
Visa Support IPE can offer guidance and help facilitate the collection of required documentation from the host institution/program provider; however, only immigration officials can answer specific questions regarding your application. Optional

Health and Safety

GeoBlue International Health Insurance Purchase/Process GeoBlue Health Insurance for participants Required
IPE Emergency Phone Serve as 24-hour emergency support and resource/contact for participants while abroad Recommended
Group Safety Plan Provide guidance for completion Required, if the location is a “Travel Warning or Restriction Destination”
Travel Waiver Add travel waiver to the MCompass registry, track completion Required, if the location is a “Travel Warning or Restriction Destination”
Online Safety Orientation Track completion of the orientation in MCompass Required

Program Management/Promotion

Consultation Consultation regarding travel plans, agreements, contracts, services, etc. Required
MCompass Group Registration Create individual registries for the group and monitor completion of requirements Required
Program Marketing Promote program to students through social media, newsletter, print materials, etc. Optional
Application Management Collect application materials and screen for eligibility. Compile completed and eligible student applications to program partner Optional
MoU, Agreements, Contracts Guidance of policies, facilitation support and serve as a liaison with General Counsel. Optional

Program Development

Consultation Co-Design a new student experience abroad Optional
Site Visits Travel to the proposed program site Optional
Secure Local Host/Partner Manage partner relationships Optional

Department Responsibilities

  • Share program information and travel logistics with IPE – contact IPE office for more information
  • Schedule and attend consultation meeting(s) to discuss needs and travel plans
  • Active participant in the recruitment of participants
  • In collaboration with IPE, ensure participants have completed registry requirements
  • Provide funding (shortcode) to cover cost of GeoBlue Health Insurance
  • Provide relevant site specific pre-departure information to participants/IPE
  • Serve as a resource/contact for participants while abroad