Declare the International Minor

Pre-requisites for Declaring the International Minor for Engineers:


    • Two semesters of College Level foreign language or equivalent.

      • May be satisfied by a placement exam or transfer credit.

      • Cannot be English or dead/extinct language.

    • Good academic standing based on an earned U-M GPA (minimum 2.0).

    • First-year students should wait until their second semester to declare.

    • Transfer students are eligible to declare during their first semester at U-M.

    FAQs About Applying

    Do I need to meet with an advisor before I declare?

    We’re always happy to meet with you and answer any questions, but you as long as you’ve completed the pre-requisites, you can fill out the declaration form without seeing an advisor.

    Do I need to be declared in a major before I can declare the minor?

    Technically, the minor won’t be applied to your audit until you’ve declared your major, but if you fill out the declaration form, the minor will be added as soon as you declare your major. 

    Is there a specific time when I need to declare the minor?

    If you meet the pre-requisites, you can feel free to declare the minor at any time. You can also wait to declare until later if you’re not sure you want to do the minor; courses can be retroactively counted toward the minor as long as they were college-level and taken for a grade.

    Do I have to be declared in the minor before I go abroad?

    If you declared the minor during/after the Fall 2021 semester, Yes – you will need to be declared (and also take ENGR 260) before you go abroad.

    If you declared the minor before the Fall 2021 semester | No; you can retroactively apply a 6-week international experience toward the minor (as long as the experience happened while you were in college).

    Can I count courses that I took prior to declaring?

    Yes, if the courses were college-level and taken for a grade, you can count them toward the minor after you declare.  

    How long will it take for the minor to be processed after I fill out the form?

    You should receive a follow-up message 7-10 business days after you complete the form. If you don’t receive this message, please contact