International Agreements

An international agreement is a document that defines the terms of cooperation between the University of Michigan and another institution or organization.

The Provost’s Office provides detailed information regarding type of agreements and university policies: Global Michigan: International Agreements  


Do I need an international agreement?

Before moving forward with developing or signing an international agreement, it’s important to consider whether one is needed in order to accomplish your partnership goals. We recommend contacting to discuss.  


CoE International Agreement Process

The CoE Dean is the official signatory for all CoE international agreements (signatures from faculty, department chairs, etc. will not be accepted)

When starting a new agreement, or re-newing an existing agreement, please refer to the templates and specifications on the Provost’s Office website: Global Michigan: International Agreements.


    1. On the Global Michigan website, select the appropriate U-M template for your needs (on the Global Michigan website, see Step #2, choices A-F: General Memorandum of Understanding, International Tuition Based Student Exchange, Incoming Student Housing, etc.)

      2. On the Global Michigan website, select and fill out the Proposal for International Agreement Form (on the Global Michigan website, see Step #4): this form should be signed by department chair in additional signature line, leaving room for the Dean’s designee to sign

          3. Send the international agreement and the Proposal for International Agreement Form to to be reviewed and signed by CoE leadership

              4. Once signed at the college level, the forms will be sent to the Provost’s office for review and signature

                    5. Once the Provost’s office has signed the agreement, the department requesting the agreement is responsible for sending the signed agreement to the partner


                        6. Once the partner has signed the agreement, please send a copy of the fully executed agreement to for archiving. CoE Leadership will send a copy to the Provost’s office for university archiving.