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Brian Gollop, Senior

Computer Science

IPE Program: Computer Science and Tech Career Accelerator in Prague, Czech Republic, Winter

“Taking classes in such a different environment added another layer to my college experience. The classes were much smaller than I was used to, and I was able to learn a lot about my professors and their backgrounds. Outside of class, I loved how easy it was to find things to do and planning weekend travel!”

Fun Fact: I drink black coffee for fun

Erin Benitez, Junior

Industrial and Operations Engineering

IPE Program: Engineering in Iceland, Summer

Student Organization Involvement: Engineering Global Leadership (EGL), Net Impact Undergraduate Chapter

It is hard to sum up my favorite parts of studying abroad in just a couple of sentences because the entire experience was incredible and an integral part of my time at Michigan so far. While abroad, there was something to learn everyday, beyond the material I was learning in class. Everyone I met was eager to explore and try new things. I loved the conversations I had with locals everyday, hearing about their life in Iceland and listening to the stories they shared. I cannot recommend studying abroad enough.”

Fun Fact: I stayed in a mountain hut in the Austrian Alps this summer and was the first American to sign the guest book that dated back to 2006!

Chris Brown, Senior

Electrical Engineering

IPE Program:  Engineering in Rome, Summer

Student Organization Involvement: Students for Clean Energy, The Michigan Daily

“My favorite thing about my study abroad experience was being able to meet tons of new people, being able to eat good food, and check out some amazing tourist destinations, while also getting credit for my studies! Every day was both an adventure and an opportunity to learn.”

Fun Fact: I play 6 instruments, if you count the kazoo as an instrument

Julia Mocny, Senior

Industrial and Operations Engineering

IPE Program: Universidad Pontificia Comillas in Madrid, Winter

Student Organizaiton Involvement: Women’s Club Water Polo, Best Buddies, Human Powered Submarine Team

“My favorite part about studying abroad was all of the travel we got to do around Europe. Learning how to plan a three day trip and finding your way through all of these brand new cities you know very little about is a huge challenge, but you quickly learn how to be adaptable and resourceful. The best moments throughout study abroad were always the ones we didn’t plan anyways!”

Fun Fact:

Alisha Patel, Junior

Computer Science

IPE Program: BIG 10 STEM and Irish Studies in Dublin, Summer

Student Organization Involvement: Society of Woman Engineers, Elementary Engineering Partnerships, UROP, Panhellenic DEI Task Force

My favorite thing about studying abroad through the BIG 10 STEM program was getting to meet and becoming close with so many new people in such a short period of time, as well as exploring Dublin and the countryside of Ireland. I loved learning how to live like a local and being completely independent for the first time. My time at University College Dublin was truly amazing and I would highly recommend doing this program to any engineer that wants to complete their Physics 240 requirement, while also gaining a valuable and incredible experience.”

Fun Fact: I have been skydiving!!