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Santiago Currea, Senior

Industrial and Operations

IPE Program: Comillas in Madrid, Winter

Student Organization involvement: Evans Scholar, EGL

My favorite part of studying abroad were the walks to class, coffee runs, and interactions with my roommates/friends that happened every day. It seemed like every day there was something different to do, but one thing that stayed consistent was that everyone was always in a good mood. Future Michigan Engineers studying abroad should be excited to live in such a happy and amazing community and to always be open to new opportunities, regardless of the destination.”

Fun Fact: My favorite condiment is Cholula Hot Sauce and I put it on quite literally everything

Grace Godwin, Senior

Computer Science

IPE Program: French American Exchange Program (FAME) in Paris, France, Winter 

Student Organization Involvement: MRover, WISE alum

My favorite thing about study abroad were all the amazing people I met from all over the world! The lifelong friendships I made in France made this experience absolutely unforgettable.”

Fun Fact: I love tea! My favorite is green, and I love trying different blends, especially from Arbor Teas!

Casi Harris, Senior


IPE Program: Engineering in Paris, Summer

Student Organization Involvement: Women in Aeronautics and Astronautics, National Society of Black Engineers, Black Students in Aerospace, Black Student Union

“My favorite thing about studying abroad was being able to integrate into a different culture and experience different sights and locations. Even doing basic things like walking around, taking the bus or the train was different for me and I loved adjusting to the new world around me. I also want to mention that many of the people I interacted with were very friendly and helpful!”

Fun Fact: I was born on Mother’s Day!

Olivia Farney, Senior


IPE Program: University College of Dublin (UCD), Winter

Student Organizaiton Involvement: Women’s Club Water Polo, Best Buddies, Human Powered Submarine Team

“My favorite thing was that I met Michigan students for the first time abroad, and now we will be close friends in Ann Arbor as well. I probably would have never became friends with them if it wasn’t for Ireland!”

Fun Fact: I am scuba certified and was able to go scuba diving while I was abroad.

Alisha Patel, Sophomore

Computer Science

IPE Program: BIG 10 STEM and Irish Studies in Dublin, Summer

Student Organization Involvement: Society of Woman Engineers, Elementary Engineering Partnerships, UROP, Panhellenic DEI Task Force

My favorite thing about studying abroad through the BIG 10 STEM program was getting to meet and becoming close with so many new people in such a short period of time, as well as exploring Dublin and the countryside of Ireland. I loved learning how to live like a local and being completely independent for the first time. My time at University College Dublin was truly amazing and I would highly recommend doing this program to any engineer that wants to complete their Physics 240 requirement, while also gaining a valuable and incredible experience.”

Fun Fact: I have been skydiving!!

Shanmukha Akkapeddi, Senior

Industrial and Operations 

IPE Program: Comillas in Madrid, Winter

Student Organization Involvement: Alternative Investments Club, Business Bootcamp

“Meeting people from so many different backgrounds and ease of travel.”

Fun Fact: I went to a Philadelphia Eagles media session as a writer in high school.