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Matthew Sinanis, Sophomore


IPE Program: Engineering in Paris

Student Organization Involvement: MASA Project Team and UROP

Fun Fact: I like to play the drums in my free time

My favorite part of studying abroad would be traveling to different parts of Paris and Europe as a whole where I was able to learn and explore different cultures and cities. Specifically, going into these trips with nothing planned was one of the best parts because we needed to face and overcome difficult situations that we didn’t initially plan or account for, which was always an interesting time.

Anika Satish, Senior

Mechanical Engineering

IPE Program: Universiry of New South Wales (UNSW)

Student Organization Involvement: MHEAL Project Alivio, Girl Up Michigan, Campus Tour Guides

Fun Fact: I can sing the alphabet backwards!

“My favorite parts about studying abroad were the change of pace, going out of my comfort zone, and making brand new friends. I loved being pushed into the exploring the unknown after a few years of familiarity at Michigan — it allowed me to become so much more confident and independent. Meeting students like me from different cultural backgrounds was also invaluable, and allowed me to discover friendships I may never have otherwise had. I loved my time and adventures abroad, and think everyone should check it out if they have the chance! 

Chris Brown, Senior

Electrical Engineering

IPE Program:  Engineering in Rome, Summer

Student Organization Involvement: Students for Clean Energy, The Michigan Daily

Fun Fact: I play 6 instruments, if you count the kazoo as an instrument

“My favorite thing about my study abroad experience was being able to meet tons of new people, being able to eat good food, and check out some amazing tourist destinations, while also getting credit for my studies! Every day was both an adventure and an opportunity to learn.”

Julia Mocny, Senior

Industrial and Operations Engineering

IPE Program: Universidad Pontificia Comillas in Madrid, Winter

Student Organization Involvement: Women’s Club Water Polo, Best Buddies, Human Powered Submarine Team

“My favorite part about studying abroad was all of the travel we got to do around Europe. Learning how to plan a three day trip and finding your way through all of these brand new cities you know very little about is a huge challenge, but you quickly learn how to be adaptable and resourceful. The best moments throughout study abroad were always the ones we didn’t plan anyways!”

Dylan Rich, Senior

Mechanical Engineering

IPE Program: Universidad Pontificia Comillas in Madrid, Spain

Student Organization Involvement: Engineering Global Leadership Program, Theta Tau Professional Fraternity

Fun Fact: I camped inside and hiked up the Grand Canyon on the hottest day of the year. The temperature was around 110 degrees but my friend and I still made it out in half of the recommended time!

My favorite part about studying abroad was solo-traveling through the south of Spain. I got to explore the culturally rich city of Seville, wander through the unbelievable gardens of the Alhambra in Granada, and hike for miles in Malaga on a boardwalk suspended 200 ft up on a cliff! I ate amazing authentic Spanish food, met interesting people from all over the world, and came back with incredible memories.